Identifying my Blog Audience

I want the people who read my blog to be awakening artists, educators, and people who intend to have an impact on the world in all sorts of ways. I want them to be anyone who can benefit from keeping the ideals of art (self-expression, the inherent value of all life, celebration, love) in mind. I want them to be potential collaborators; people who might inspire me and whom I might inspire. People interested in science, math, dance, writing, mental health, painting, sketching, photography, sculpting, engineering, technology, teaching, environmental activism, and everything in-between.

Why? because I think all of these people will benefit from a certain artistic sensibility. I think that in keeping what is beautiful, truthful, expressive, and kind in mind in all pursuits, all types of people will be able to reach the heart, the core of their lives, their purpose, without getting lost in greed, competition, and misguided ideas about the “greater good.”

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  1. “without getting lost in greed, competition”

    I very much like this post and I agree profoundly with what you say. So much of and in the world is simply “wrong”.

    To me at any rate, religion is a lost cause. I would as soon believe in gods as I would fairies and elves. And so art and the human spirit become ever more necessary to inspire us in a godless world.

    Awareness is so very vital too. As an artist perhaps “awareness” comes naturally, perhaps it is part of the parcel.

    But I see so many around me wearing blinkers and living in narrow trammelled minds. So many people hopelessly mired in greed and blind stupid competition.

    I strongly believe that yes, all of us can and should benefit from artistic sensibility. Artists are usually people not confined to narrow spheres of interest. Artists I have known are usually deeply intellectual, thoughtful and profoundly interesting people.


    1. Vanessa Finnegan says:

      Thank you for this very thoughtful response. I hope and believe that everyone has the capability to live thoughtfully and compassionately, and for me that is an artistic perspective. Yet I think the word “art” scares off some of those who would benefit from it the most. The ones who, as you say, go around believing narrow mind-edly that life is about power and competition – who can get to space first, who has the biggest missiles, who has the capability to blow up who (just a few obvious large-scale examples). There are far to many adult authority figures engaged in pissing competitions. It may be greed and it may also be fear, but both can be extremely toxic. I would like to find some way of helping those who dismiss the arts as nonsense that distracts us from “real world” issues to see that the real world they speak of is the true distraction. The arts (and might I add, the natural world) ARE our humanity – our heart and soul.

      Thank you again for your thoughts.

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