An Artistic Haven in Brookneal, Virginia

I am currently working on a project involving the start-up of a dance program, a promotional concert, and a little spot of arts heaven out here in rural Brookneal Virginia.

Moving down here to Brookneal for a teaching job, I had feared greatly that I would be leaving my dance ambitions behind for at least the year. Call it luck, fate, or a magnetism that seems to surround true loves. I found opportunity for dance once again, closer than I had expected, at 246 The Main, a Cultural Arts Theater in Brookneal Virginia. I am overjoyed at the prospect of helping to create at dance program there, where they currently have a thriving theater program, and I have begun choreography for a promotional concert we will show on November 17th. Starting in January, I will teach 5 contemporary and hip hop classes to varying age groups once a week on Saturdays.

This coming Friday, I will be an audience member at their theater as their talented actresses perform Steel Magnolias. 

I hope that art will continue to follow me wherever I go, whatever else may vie for my time and energy. Though I may not always be able to commit myself fully to pursuing art as my top priority, I will always welcome it with open arms when it comes knocking on my door.

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