Dance Exploration

Exploration is at the heart of “good” dance. Yes. There is such a thing as good and bad dance. There is so much more to it than good and bad, black and white, but like any instrument there is technique not just to movement but to exploration. You have to know how to be free. And you have to truly be free. Too many dancers dance to be pretty, to be graceful, to be beautiful. And of course it can be just as “good” to be those things as to be anything else, but dance is bigger and more powerful than showing off a form. Your body must be possessed by something. You must be more than an empty vessel moving to music to be sexy, or to be seen. A “good” dancer, a powerful dancer, a dancer who knows and feels dance, will be inseparable from the dance. She will transform into something different from an ordinary human body, because the body is not “ordinary” it’s extraordinary. The body is the expression of animate life. The dancer who knows and feels that will leave her “self” behind because the dance is MORE than her.




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