Failing and Prevailing

I am a passion – driven person. I recently listened to a Chris Anderson podcast in which Elizabeth Gilbert spoke about the difference between being passion driven and being curiosity driven – curiosity being the more sustainable flame, and passion being the powerful wildfire that, though marvelous will inevitably be squelched, leaving a barren landscape….

A Brief History of the Mother of Modern Dance: Martha Graham

In 1911 Graham spotted a poster of dance legend Ruth St. Dennis in a store, advertising her performance, and begged her father to take her to the performance in Los Angeles, which he did. She came to worship Ruth St. Dennis and five years later went back to Los Angeles for a summer course at Dennis’ company, Dennishawn….

From Colored Sands: A dance of creation (Photos)

This dance is called “From Colored Sand.” It’s a sort of essence-of-life piece which I wanted to evoke a lot of images of life and color. It’s a celebration of both the ease of creation: being thrust into the world, seemingly from nothing, and of the intense concentration and intentionality of living. There is the…

Two Dancers in an Abandoned Warehouse

  Filming and Editing by Amber Boyer Dancers: Vanessa Finnegan and Corin Diaz Musicians in Background: Grayson Edwards, Sean Mahoney, and Corin Diaz


Innocent little fingers And dainty little toes Out of purity Vial corruption grows There are those Who would seek to lick these fingers with their filthy tongues And chop them off before the festering’s begun

Body and Soul

People tend to believe that the eyes are the window to the soul, but what if you could feel your soul in your fingertips? in your knees? I have come to realize that dance is about taking this lump of flesh that so often, perhaps without even knowing, we see as a vessel, a temple…

Character Sketching Exercise

Some writers come up with characters for their stories based on people they know, conversations they observe, or other characters in stories they have read. I have always had a personal love for writers whose characters seem to be variations on themselves. There is a certain psychology to it that I like. One prime example…

Pretending (written in 2011)

The dragonfly door knocker you bought falls five times hard, And you wait outside the house you are no longer welcome. Frantic children crawl across the floor inside. Your paranoid outlook has rubbed off on them, No matter how often they deny it. This is not the first time they have peered out the window…

Breaking Silence in the Night

An old poem of mine dug up today: Breaking silence in the Night “I need to be with other people” I understood I accepted I was fine How could I be fine? I should have been cut It should have hurt I wasn’t surprised Almost as if I had already known Or felt the same…