INAUGURATION ExpectationGenerationInstitutionTry to break my illusionI thought this was the worldBut it’s so much smallerThought I was just meBut I’m so much largerSo much lessCan I fight this tradition?Can I try to resist?Am I just preserving ignorance?I had a strange impressionI was already something specialBefore I got here

Infinity in The Arts

Hello bloggers! I’ve missed you. I have a story to share with you about the time that’s passed since I last posted here. It’s a story about love and loss. Or…perhaps it’s a story about finding the silver lining. Maybe it’s a story of the lack of support for the arts, or a story of…


I have always talked and thought about “fate” as if it were a thing that exists in the universe, while also keeping it ambiguous to myself and others as to whether or not I REALLY believe that important life experiences and events are “fated.” For over a year now, I’ve gone on with this idea…

Responsibility Vs. Opportunity

A large part of me wants to go into work tomorrow and demand that position, and offer to quit my other jobs for it. BUT I have responsibilities to my other employers. So if you read this and have some thoughts or advice, I could use them now. What do you think? Should a person jump on opportunity when it presents itself at all costs? Or should a person remain loyal to responsibilities whether or not that is in the best interest of their career? is their a happy medium?

Failing and Prevailing

I am a passion – driven person. I recently listened to a Chris Anderson podcast in which Elizabeth Gilbert spoke about the difference between being passion driven and being curiosity driven – curiosity being the more sustainable flame, and passion being the powerful wildfire that, though marvelous will inevitably be squelched, leaving a barren landscape….

A Brief History of the Mother of Modern Dance: Martha Graham

In 1911 Graham spotted a poster of dance legend Ruth St. Dennis in a store, advertising her performance, and begged her father to take her to the performance in Los Angeles, which he did. She came to worship Ruth St. Dennis and five years later went back to Los Angeles for a summer course at Dennis’ company, Dennishawn….

From Colored Sands: A dance of creation (Photos)

This dance is called “From Colored Sand.” It’s a sort of essence-of-life piece which I wanted to evoke a lot of images of life and color. It’s a celebration of both the ease of creation: being thrust into the world, seemingly from nothing, and of the intense concentration and intentionality of living. There is the…

Body and Soul

People tend to believe that the eyes are the window to the soul, but what if you could feel your soul in your fingertips? in your knees? I have come to realize that dance is about taking this lump of flesh that so often, perhaps without even knowing, we see as a vessel, a temple…

Character Sketching Exercise

Some writers come up with characters for their stories based on people they know, conversations they observe, or other characters in stories they have read. I have always had a personal love for writers whose characters seem to be variations on themselves. There is a certain psychology to it that I like. One prime example…

Dance Exploration

Exploration is at the heart of “good” dance. Yes. There is such a thing as good and bad dance. There is so much more to it than good and bad, black and white, but like any instrument there is technique not just to movement but to exploration. You have to know how to be free….